About Malta takes London

Malta Takes London was created by musicians for musicians. It unites Maltese artists based in London with Maltese artists that travel to perform at the event in London. The core organisers are Nick Morales, Craig Rogerson and the latest addition to the team Ben Vincenti & Rachel Fenech from Trackage Scheme. In previous editions, we have welcomed support from the Arts Council Malta, Farsons, Maltesefood2uk.com and Parparellu while being sponsored by Tal-Ostja, Rockna, Fruban Malti, Success Express Music, No Sweat Productions, Rejects Malta, Sun Sounds, Zion Reggae Bar, Amrita wellness centre, Panda Design, Cisk and Kinnie.

This is an event that is full of acts that are linked to Malta. It was created as a place to welcome a variety of acts from different genres. MTL aims to help promote and expose top quality acts from Malta as an extension to the local music scene in Malta. To date MTL has welcomed over 20 acts who have performed to sold out venues in London. Each year, attendance, awareness and excitement are growing with each edition. Consistency has been key to continue growing the MTL brand.

As the name implies, this takes place in London serving as a motivator to artists to increase their professionalism to perform in front of new, foreign and unfamiliar audiences. It also serves as a stepping stone for Maltese artists and event organisers to make new connections and expand the concept of exporting Maltese artists to perform in new countries. MTL has packed out the renowned London venues ‘Water Rats’, ‘Surya’ and 'Proud Galleries'.

While planning starts many months’ prior, the event takes place once a year between September and November. Since starting in 2013, MTL has had four successful editions and has been growing awareness on both sides of the pond.

The long term goal of this event is to build a reputable platform to showcase talented Maltese artists. We look to inspire artists to venture further afield and we create this stepping stone for them to experience performing in front of new crowds. It gives the acts, as well as the organisers new opportunities to meet, network and collaborate with new people in the industry. MTL aims to put Maltese talent on the map through export while encouraging import of foreign talent to Malta as well. Through MTL, different organisers and artists are uniting and collaborating for the greater food of the Maltese music scene.

Join us, let's party!


As MLT grows, you can expect to see us in bigger venues or over more multiple nights. We try different formats to improve the event while keeping it fresh. If you know of the perfect place, or run one yourself, get in touch!


If you are an artist with Maltese roots or know of one that is, send them our way and drop us an email at maltatakeslondon@gmail.com . Always remember to send a link straight to somewhere that we can hear you and bear with us, we get a lot of emails!


We always appreciate support with what we are doing and each year we contact Maltese brands and businesses to get involved. Much love and thanks to all of the below for their support in previous years. If you want to get involved with MTL, email us at maltatakeslondon@gmail.com

Malta takes london

a yearly event celebrating  artists from the rock